“Thank you for the amazing adventures and educational experiences you give our children every day! We are so fortunate for your staff that loves and cares for them like family!”

-Jina Bryant (Preschool)

jardin“My daughter has a great time at Parkside. The Jr. K program more than prepared her for kindergarten  I love the close proximity to the park, and the park walks are another great experience of Parkside!”

-Kelly Jardin (Kindergarten)

pfaff“I like that Parkside strives to provide nutritious foods and that nature is very much a part of the curriculum.  Liliana loves the park walks! I also like that Parkside offers scheduled activities throughout the week such as Spanish, cooking, music and yoga.”

-Edith Pfaff (Preschool and Infant)

clark“My child loves going to daycare at Parkside He is only 19 months but when we read him books, he’ll point to the letter “A’ in the text and say “a’.  This is due to the one-on-one attention from the Parkside teachers.  Dax’s eating choices really expanded due the exposure to different healthy food you serve.”

-Sonya Clark (Toddler)

dinits“I love Ms. Danielle.  I love that I can trust you all with my child.  You too, have her best interests in mind.”

-Stacie Dinits (Preschool)

dailey“I believe the activities and projects/crafts you engage the children in really make a difference in progressing their education.  I noticed an immediate change (for the better) since my daughter joined Parkside.”

-Todd Dailey (Preschool)

quinn“We love Ms. Danielle.  Alexis feels so comfortable with her and it helps us feel so comfortable knowing she is there.  Alexis learns so much every week and has grown so much thanks to your preschool.”

-Johnna Quin (Preschool)

cal“I love that there are 4 separate classes in the preschool allowing all the each age groups to be separate.  I love all the enrichment programs, especially the Spanish.”

-Cal (Preschool)

peterson“We love Parkside! Our daughter has been attending since she was a year old. The staff is caring and well-educated.  Our daughter has learned and experienced so much:  social skills, alphabet, numbers, songs, art, gardening, walks in Bidwell Park, gymnastics, music, and eating healthy meals.  She asks to go even on the weekends at times.”

-Taft and Tawny Peterson (Kindergarten)

“It has meant so much to us to know that loving, caring people are watching Bodhi all day. You all played a very important role in his life these past couple of years.”

-Devjani Banerjee-Stevens, PhD (Preschool)

“Elise has grown into a sweet and caring little girl and we feel part of that is thanks to you all.”

-Natasha Lorenzo (Jr. Kindergarten)

“We cannot say enough good things about your school and daycare. It is such a positive place for children of all levels to be a part of, and we will greatly miss it.”

-Elizabeth Lemire (Jr. Kindergarten)

“I appreciate your hours of operation (6AM to 6PM) and the friendly staff.  The environment is educational and there is a wide variety of enrichment activities and programs.”

-Jessica Wood and Patrick Conklin (Preschool and Kindergarten)

“We are happy with the Jr. K. program and the quality of the Parkside staff.  We are happy with the hours of operations and flexible payment options.”

-Michael and Colleen Lazzaretto (Jr. K)

“While everything is very clean, the teachers are not “chore” focused but are child interaction focused. Fantastic meal program!  Martha loves it and so do her parents!”

-Maggie Tippit (Preschool)

“Parkside incorporates a variety of community-minded influences such as charity projects, gardening, cooking, music, and gymnastics.”

-Reanna Nixon (Preschool)

“Making change and starting your children at a new school is difficult.  Parkside staff makes this transition seamless!  The staff is educated, task oriented and above all…loving.”

-Renee and Curtis Pahlka (Preschool and Infant)

“I really feel that Parkside is a good place for my infant and that he is doing well there.  He smiles at all of his teachers and is not grouchy or crabby when I pick him up at the end of his day at Parkside”

-Megan Medley (Infant)

“From the very beginning it has been apparent that everyone who works there loves what they doing and are there because they want to be.  They see, treat and love each child as an individual with their own personalities.  We are confident each day when we drop our children off at Parkside that they are are being left in the hands of people who will help them to excel and thrive to be the best little people they can be.”

-Suzy & Josh (Preschool)

“First of all, the faculty is clean and open.  The teachers always greet me every morning.  Next the curriculum:  My daughter passed her entry into her private school while attending your school.”

-Jamie & Ben (Jr. Kindergarten)