Here’s what some of our parents have to say about Parkside Preschool and Infant Center…

“Just took a tour through their facility. My child does not yet go there, but I sure hope they have room for him to start! We have toured many preschools in the last week and this one was by far the top of my list. Great and easy conversation with staff/teachers and a great lay out. Play based schools are the best and they seem to be knocking it out of the park.”


“Thank you so much for taking care of our girls! You are truly their second home and it means so much to us that they love it there.”

-Aaron and Johnna

“It has been a pleasure being able to bring Brooklyn to a school that we feel is safe and nurturing. Thank-you again for all you have done.”


“Rhys has so loved and enjoyed, but most importantly learned so much at Parkside (he was at Parkside since the age of 6 months). Thank you to all of the incredible teachers who have so molded our son and prepared him for immersion.”


“Not enough words could explain how thankful we are; you have been our family over the past 4 ½ years and we really appreciate it.”

-Ashley and Travis

“When my daughter started at Parkside she was a quiet and shy kid but I have seen her make friends and become more outgoing thanks to all your wonderful teachers. I will always recommend Parkside to all my friends!”


“Thank you for treating our son like one of your own kids. We will be forever grateful for your help in shaping our son into the amazing kid that he has become.”


“Since our son started Parkside, we’ve seen him change quite a bit. Of course, he’s a growing boy, but thanks to everyone there he’s become less shy, made friends, learned to write his name and comes home with all kinds of new information. He is a big boy ready for kindergarten!!”

-Sheila and Garret

“The Jr. K really prepared my daughter for kindergarten. I love the close proximity to the park, and the park walks are another great experience of Parkside!”


“I really feel that Parkside is a good place for my infant and that he is doing well there. He smiles at all his teachers and is not grouchy or crabby when I pick him up at the end of the day.”


“Making change and starting your children at a new school is difficult. The Parkside staff makes this transition seamless! The staff is educated, task oriented and above all…loving.”


“I like that Parkside strives to provide nutritious foods and that nature is very much a part of the curriculum. My daughter loves the park walks! I also like that Parkside offers scheduled activities throughout the week such as Spanish, yoga, sign language and music.”


“My child loves going to daycare at Parkside. He is only 19 months but when I read him books, he’ll point to the letter “A” in the text and say “a”. This is due to the one-on-one attention from the teachers. His eating choices really expanded due to the exposure of the different healthy foods you serve.”


“We love Parkside! Our daughter has been attending since she was a year old. We went to several preschools before deciding on Parkside. We have been thoroughly pleased with our decision. The staff is caring and well-educated. Our daughter has learned and experienced so much: social skills, alphabet, numbers, songs, art, gardening, music, and eating healthy meals. She asks to go even on the weekends at times.”

-Taft and Tawny

“I honestly couldn’t imagine sending my kids anywhere else! I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful place for my babies!”